GST Seniors

Golden State Throwers High School Senior Athletes


Welcome to our High School Seniors page, these athletes are young people who have trained hard, worked hard and dedicated themselves to excellence in both sport and scholastic achievements. 

GST 2021 Angie profile pic.jpg

Angie Schykerynec

Athlete PRs

Event               PR          Date                 Meet

Hammer 4k      174'2      6/19/2022       Nike Outdoor Nationals

Weight Throw  53'5        2/27/2022      NorCal Weight Throw Champs

Discus              115'11     3/29/2022      HS Meet

Shot Put           39'4        5/5/2022        HS Meet

GST 2022 Adriana Lopez.jpg

Adriana Lopez

Athlete PRs

Event               PR          Date                 Meet

Hammer 4k      132'3     3/13/2022       GST ST. Patricks Throws Day

Hammer 3k      159'3     3/13/2022       GST ST. Patricks Throws Day

Weight Throw  36'7       5/28/2022       California HS WT Championships


GST 2022 Jean Ikenaga.jpg

Jean Ikenaga

Athlete PRs

Event               PR          Date                 Meet

Hammer 4k      131'1     6/20/2022         USATF Region 16   

Weight Throw  34'7       2/13/2022         GST Winter Meet

Discus              114'5      4/20/2022        HS Meet

Shot Put           31'3        3/16/2022        HS Meet

GST 2022 Marialle Winuk.jpg

Marielle Winuk

Athlete PRs

Event               PR          Date                 Meet

Hammer 4k      130'11    7/25/2022        USATF National JO Champs

Weight Throw  36'5        2/27/2022        HS NorCal Champs

Discus              94'          5/21/2022        HS Meet

Shot Put           30'4        3/10/2022        HS Meet