Almuni from Golden State Throwers

Welcome to our Almuni page, these athletes have worked hard and dedicated themselves to excellence in both sport and scholastics. Click on any one of the images listed below to see athlete details and bios.

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In 2013 Tara to go to and earned a Track Scholarship to the University of Reno Nevada and Graduated in 2017 and earned a Masters Degree in 2019. She competed for Scotland in the Discus Throw until 2018

GST 2018 web Chris Wren_edited.jpg

!n 2019 Chris earned an Athletic Scholarship to Concordia Nebraska.


In 2016 Jack Earned an Athletic Scholarship to the Colorado School of Mines and is currently competing in the Hammer Throw.


IN 2011 Lauren turned down a track scholarship from UC Davis to compete for Oregon University and graduated in 2016


In 2015 Cody earned a Track Scholarship in the Hammer Throw and competed for UC Davis through 2019


In 2017 Madison earned a Track Scholarship in the Hammer Throw to Concordia of Nebraska


In 2011 Sarah earned an Athletic Scholarship in the Hammer to UC Davis in 2011


2013 GST Grad. Erika is now competing for U.C. Davis


In 2014 Kylie earned an Athletic Scholarship in the Hammer Throw to Fresno State


In 2015 Emelda won a full ride to the University of Wyoming in the hammer throw. Graduating in 2019 she now coaches for GST

GST 2020 Markayla Billings profile pic.j

In 2020 Markayla won a full ride to Oregon State University in the hammer throw. Graduating GST as 2 time National Champion and 4 time All-American


In 2012 Meaghan earned a Track Scholarship to Brigham Young University and graduated in 2017


In 2018 Dagne' Accepted an Athletic Scholarship and is now competing for Concordia of Nebraska


In 2018 Bryan earned an Athletic Scholarship and now competes for San Jose State


2009 GST Grad. Jared has retired from throwing and graduated from William Jessup University

GST 2018 web Shane.jpg

In 2019 Shane earned an Athletic Scholarship to Concordia Nebraska


In 2018 Crystal earned an Athletic Scholarship to U.C. San Diego


In 2017 Charlie earned an an Athletic Scholarship in the Hammer Throw to Concordia of Nebraska


GST 2018 Grad. Kamryn is currently Attending Montana State University


In 2016 Jacob earned a track Scholarship to Concordia Nebraska in Hammer Throw, Weight Throw and Discus


In 2015 Wyatt was accepted West Point  and threw Hammer for the Army.


In 2015 Trevor accepted an athletic scholarship to the University of Wyoming


In 2015 Steven earned an Athletic Scholarship to Eastern Washington University


2018 Grad. James is currently attending Arizona University


2011 Grad. Bryan has retired from throwing and has graduated from Sacramento Stat University


2011 GST Grad.

Graduated Sacramento State University with a degree in Computer Engineering

GST 2013 Josh Makieve.jpg

2013 GST Grad

GST 2012 Victoria.JPG

2012 GST Grad

Victoria is retired from throwing and now works for UPS

GST 2019 Austin Coach Pic.jpg

2013 GST Grad

Austin Scholarshiped to UC Santa Barbara and Graduated in 2018. Austin is now coaching for GST